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32pf9986 or not 32pf9986 (32ld7200) that is the question

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by globero, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. globero


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    I want to buy the tv now. I cant wait until philips decides to launch the 9830.

    I want to use the tv for aerial tv and pc mainly (and dvd of course, but it's no significant) so:

    I want the 9986 cause it seems to be better pq in bad signals.
    I want the hitachi ld7200 cause it has better conectivity and "1:1" pc pixel mapping.

    Is the difference in picture quality in aerial tv significative so driving me for the 9986???
    What do you all think about? :lease:

    Thanks to all. Bad times to buy a lcd :suicide:
  2. omk

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    Jul 5, 2005
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    I had the same dilema, but I included the Panasonic 32LXD500 and the JVC 32DS6 with the Hitachi in the short list. After too many late nights looking for reviews and opinions I went for the Hitachi 32LD7200.

    The decision was a combo of a bit cheaper, HD ready and the speakers come off!
    Oh, and it was in stock locally.

    I think the 9986 does do a great job on cleaning up poor signals. However, do you have poor signals? The Hitachi is fine on a decent signal (I get an analogue cable feed).

    Having said that, compared to my old 50Hz CRT, it is clear to me that larger panels, possibly LCDs in particular, do show some slight artifacts from poorer quality signals. Maybe they were always there and are now more obvious. I have observed this on my Hitachi, and only a few minutes ago read the same about a panny on this forum.
    Maybe its all the DSP hoops that modern TV's need to jump through to convert the raw resolution to the panel resolution.

    I think if you feed a decent LCD a good signal, you will be impressed!

    An additional plus point about the latest generation, they are all HD ready. If you buy an expensive TV now, how long will you keep it? HD will be high end/mainstream in about 3-5yrs. I think the 9986 was the best LCD (the expensive Sony might argue with that), but the rest have caught up.


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