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I am so close to buying this TV, but would like to know how Freeeview pictures look on it - I own a Thomson Freeview DHD4000 PVR and will be doing 90% of my viewing through this. I will be getting a decent scart lead (~£30) will the PQ be good? How will it compare to CRT?

I will also have a DVD player hooked up by scart and a PS2 also hooked up by scart.


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The Philips will do a fine job of displaying digital images from both freeview and satellite. LCD's are more critical of the quality of the source than CRT's are, but, as long as you are not sitting too close, will look fantastic.

I can send you some screen shots (Satellite) to give you an idea.

PM me with your Email address if you are interested.



5ft is probably absolute minimum. I think the recommended figure is 3-4 times the width of the screen...

I watch my Sky box on my 32PF9986 via an old composite SCART. The picture is pretty damn good considering, I had to fettle the settings to optimise it.

One small tip is to ensure that your Freeview is set to 16:9 output. Mine was set to 4:3 output and the picture was always a bit stretched regardless of the LCD screen mode.. took me ages to figure out there was a 16:9 option on the Sky box...!

Personally I am going to invest in a decent RGB SCART for Sky viewing...


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Recommended viewing distance for a 32" LCD is 6 - 12 feet. At 5 feet your going to see some of the blocky digital pixelly doodads...

Will be OK for DVD wayching though.



I just had the best idea, as I sometimes wear glasses (short-sighted), I could get away with sitting 5ft away from a 32" or hell, why not a 37", and as long as I didn't put the specs on......it would all be beautifully rounded and have a gentle radiance to the picture. :thumbsup: finally, a plus to being impaired!!!

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