32pf9986 DVI video switching


Matt Radford

Hi all,

Ive got a couple of questions with regards to the setup of DVI video input to my Philips 32pf9986 32in LCD telly.

At the moment I have my DVD connected via progressive scan component video input to the TV via the DVI/VGA converter so that I get a good DVD pic! - I have the DVD player and sky+ box connected to the scart switchbox then the scart switchbox output to the LCD tv's RGB scart input. The TV's wall mounted so this saves on leads.

My first question is really the reason why the DVD is connected via RGB scart as well as conpoment video! - I was finding that when the DVD player is switched on it would not auto switch to the compoment video (DVD-I) picture. So I have to manually switch to DVD-I to watch it, which is a pain as my wife doesnt know the button on the remote to do this. So I have had to connect it up via scart so that it will switch to the dvd (via rgb scart) instead when the wife switches the DVD player on (anything for a easy life!) - I can then however manually switch it to DVD-I for compoment video when I am about to watch a dvd! -

So Question no 1 is: - Is there a way of setting the TV so it will auto switch to DVD-I when the DVD is switched on, if its only hooked up to DVD-I (and not scart)?

Question no 2 is: - Im gonna get the Sky HDTV when it comes out next year :) - so was thinking of a compoment video switcher as I believe the first gen of the SKY HDTV box will come with compment video out as well for HDTV connection. So I was thinking of the following:-

3 port input, 1 output Compoment video switch box

- 1 x compment video out to TV via the DVI connector.
- 1 compoment input for sky HDTV
- 1 compoment input for DVD player for compoment progressive scan
- 1 compoment input for PC, via VGA to Compoment cable.

Does it look like this setup will work!!! ? - would be a good solution as I could get a compment video switcher for around 70 quid from tvcables. :thumbsup:


Matt Radford


just answered my second question!! - looks like I will need to connect my TV via the DVI connection to the sky+ box in order to get the HDTV picture, as the compoment video (analog) connection will not carry the HDCP protection!


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With the SCART connection there is a pin dedicated to indicate that there is a signal on the connection that should be shown. This causes the TV to switch to the SCART input automatically.

Unfortunately Component video does not support this sort of switching.

As for HD Sky - I have read that the first tranche of boxes will provide HDTV via component output. The later boxes will only have HDMI. So you should be OK with the first boxes.



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I'm trying to do something similar, but I'm intending to add a DVI switch as well. If all goes well the idea would be:

GameCube->Component Switcher
XBox 360->Component Swicther

Component Switcher->DVI Switcher (via the component/vga) cable
PS3->DVI Switcher
DVD Player->DVI Switcher

DVI Switcher->TV

I'm using this component switcher http://www.zektor.com/hds4/ and was intending to get this DVI switcher: http://www.cyberselect.co.uk/product/436

Of course this is getting a bit ridiculous, and it may just be simpler to sell the 9986 and upgrade to this year's model which (I believe) has separate DVI, HDMI and component inputs.

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