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Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by anto8791, Aug 6, 2006.

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    Firstly forgive me if this is in the wrong part of the forum. Moderators feel free to move if necessary !!
    Now I am very very close to purchasing this LCD TV - Philps 32PF5321 here
    Anyway I am getting this for 1048 EURO, which I think is a good price.
    Now next question (and please forgive my ignorance first before you read this questions:) ) I am also looking at buying this Panasonic Wireless Home cinema system NOw stupid questions is ....Can the home cinema system be hooked up to TV directly so can get cinema system sound for games, movies on TV etc...I could be talking realt bulls*!t now and someone please tell me if I am.
    And also what do people think in general about this TV and cinema system.
    thanks alot
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    Apr 9, 2006
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    Hi Anto

    Welcome to the forums. It should be possible to have the TV sound, games etc played back through the home cinema system. One disadvantage the all in one cinema systems have over a separate AV amp is the lack of connections but if your games console etc are connected direct to the TV you would normally just connect the audio out sockets on the TV to the aux in socket on the Panny box. Only problem is that Philips TV doesn't appear to have any audio out sockets, only inputs.

    I'm sure there must be a way around it, e.g. connecting from the headphone socket or the 2nd scart socket using a scart to 2 phono audio out cable.

    Alternatively if you receive your TV through an external receiver box rather than via the TVs tuner you could run sound from the receiver to the home cinema box.

    If you do buy this kit it would be worth buying a set of component video leads to connect the 2 together for the best picture from the DVD. Failing that use the RGB scart output but don't use the single video out (composite) connection.

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