32PD30 Cable recommendations


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I'm about to take delivery of a nice new Panny 32PD30 tomorrow, and wondered if anyone out there had recommendations for what cables/interlinks to use to attach the following:
  • Panny DMR-E50 DVD recorder
  • Pioneer 626 DVD player (old but good!)
  • NTL Cable box (has RBG SCART)
I already have a decent SCART->S-Video cable that connects my Pionner DVD player to the old TV, but apart from that we're talking Taiwan's finest freebie SCART cables.

Firstly, what sort of connections should I be looking to make (i.e. component, SCART, S-Video) from each source, and secondly what makes/models of cable do people suggest?


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I use Thor Scarts for DVD/STB/VCR (they look the biz)


Edit by Ian J - The Panasonic TV doesn't have component inputs

Not really sure how much difference they make, but buying such an expensive tv it is best to take no chances.

Good luck with your PD30, pretty happy with mine so far.

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