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32LG7000 problem


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I have an issue I don't understand and hope someone more experienced and/or technically more gifted than me (not hard) can help.

Whenever I switch the tv on it starts to run through the channel list and doesn't stop.
The signal from the remote seems to be received by the set but it doesn't action the request.

I can influence it by tapping switches on the side panel. (Channel volume ok and menu)
If I press menu it runs through the 8 options usb time bluetooth etc backwards very quickly.
Strangely though the bottom input button doesn't work.

My thoughts are
Is the input button stuck in , is this a board issue or is this terminal .

Any help gratefully accepted


Take the batteries out of the remote to rule out stuck buttons ?


Standard Member
Thanks for your response.

I should have been clearer in my original post.
The input button button I referred to is on the side panel of the tv.

The other buttons on the side panel beep when touched but the input panel doesn't.

All remote buttons are ok


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Yes, it's probably a sticking button on the side panel.
Easily fixed (to prove one way or the other) by unplugging the PCB the buttons are mounted on by someone with experience of working with electronic equipment.


Have you tried using a dry toothbrush to clean around the button while repeatedly trying to press and release it?

Failing that you could try using a cotton qtip dipped in high alcohol content isopropyl alcohol to clean around the button while pressing and releasing it - but make sure TV is powered off and unplugged whilst cleaning and after cleaning with qtip keep pressing and releasing button a good few times and then leave it for 10 minutes to allow the fluid to dry/evaporate and then repeat the press and release action a few times

Finally plug TV in again and check the button function when powered on


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Read page 36 of your user manual re “In Store” mode and try resetting it in case you've accidentally set it to this mode.

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