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32LG6000 scaling problems?


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in hope you can help me with my problem, I'm trying to explain what it's about.

As you read in the title I own a 32lg6000. Everything is fine except the fact that HDMI-signals seem to be just not right. I mainly use the TV for gaming and watching movies. Means I got a PS3, Xbox360 and a WD-TV connected to it.

I got my PS3 today and an auto-scan (from the PS3) said my TV would do 1080p max. So I said OK and switched it to 1080p. First thing I recognized is slight ghosting, which isn't very satifying. The second fact (and main problem) is that games switch to 720p and my picture just doesn't look alright. It's very rough, like from a SD-source and it just doesn't feel like 720p. So basically the picture is only good (well almost) in the PS3 menues. :(

That being said, I also recognized some weird things with my X360 and WD-TV (that Western Digital box). On the Xbox I set my display settings to auto which results in a very crisp image, ALTHOUGH my TV says it's running 1280 pixel (not 1366x768 like it should natively). But because the picture is really to my satisfaction I never bothered with it any longer.

With my WD-TV I have similar symptoms. Also switched to Auto, my TV says it's running at 1024x768 (or something similar) at the moment. Very strange, isn't it? Switching both (WDTV and Xbox) to 720p manually results in bad image. I just don't get it.

Maybe I should add the fact that I use very cheap HDMI-cables and I always wondered if the problems may result from that. On the other side I refrained from buying an expensive one so far because I didn't want to spend much money on something which MAYBE won't change anything. And unfortunately friends of mine either have no quality HDMI-cables or don't own a LCD at all. Very tricky. ;)

Ah yes, my TV says the firmware is at version at the moment. Any chances of updating the firmware and maybe get the problems solved?

I'm really really grateful for any helpful answers because I'm quite disappointed with the results (mainly PS3-wise) and don't know what to do.

Thanks for reading all this!

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