32LD7200 buzzing - summary and roundup of (non)buzzing.

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    On the buzzing of the 32LD7200
    Basically, about 80% of the people that commented have either no noise or tweaked it to something they're happy with.
    I was trying to figure out if the input source has any effect, but there's to little data. So please comment on your setup. I'm especially interested in digital connections and PC connections (VGA + DVI)

    Backlight adjustment helps: helps(5), doesn't (2)
    AV1,2 : buzz (1)
    RGB-PC : no buzz (1)
    DVI :
    DVI-PC : Implied buzz(1) , Implied quiet (2)
    DVD-HDMI: buzz (1)
    Component: no buzz(1), buzz(1)
    RGB-onlyscart: no buzz(1), almost no buzz(1)
    terrestrial: nobuzz (2)

    No buzz (50%)

    Vinesh reports no buzzing no matter backlight what on PC input (RGB 1 + 2)
    Greg hook reports it is quiet on terrestrial (I concur - JL setup was like that)
    Swanny78 reports no buzzing on component or RGB only scart (with QED SQUART 4110 cable)
    matt_p can only hear when inches from screen.
    Fabs35 faint buzzing, learn to ignore - only when volume is zero.
    sgiorgi (10/05/05) no buzzing.
    piln (12/05/05) only 3" from the back when reallisting. Use dynamic mode.
    imh (28-07-05) when set to -20 my 7200 is quieter than the pilot light for the gas fire...

    Backlight adjust to +20 kills the buzz: (31%)

    edgarj only notices on mute and backlight +20 eliminates mostly
    Greg hook reports it depends on mode (Dynamic = hardly, natural worse, cinema worst)
    adm111 out of the box, buzzing noise (backlight -20 to +17).
    No noise +20. DVD (pioneer 525) scart on AV1, SKY on AV2 (RGB connection), both buzz.

    hotlava "can pretty much stop it on sky via RGB scart if backlight setting to maximum.
    Always buzz on DVD (component). Not loud, hear during quiet moments in films
    (cuz I I'm listening extra and know about buzz)
    +20 is the only way I can get it to disappear at all, but it still occurs when dark pics are on

    axv (10/05/05)only really happened the first couple of days and now its gone.... backlight up to 19+ made it gone.
    also noticed it doesn't get as warm at the back

    Buzz dark scenes: (12%)
    timba sitting 2.5m away and watching "Lost" last night (with backlight at +20 and vol at 16)
    could hear it in the dark scenes

    rb968 (10/05/05) It is quiet, only when no volume from my speakers. definitely backlight
    At one point stopped it by adjusting the backlight down to ints minimum level cannot reproduce.
    It buzzed with just DVD-HDMI connected. Seems intermittent, it stopped whilst watching a DVD.
    I have removed the TV speakers and am using a home cinema amp and speakers. sit 2.80m from screen.
    no audio or a quiet scene in a TV programme or DVD its getting a bit annoying.
    No adjustment of the backlight stops it.

    Very loud: (6%)

    proth (2/08/05) loud hum. wants to return.

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