32ins or 40 ins for Bedroom?


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I need a new TV for my bedroom and am stuck on which size to get so am after some help.

I am looking at the Samsung H6400 series but unsure whether to get the 32 or 40 ins. After checking all the usual sites for advice on size to distance most sites recommend around at least a 42-50 inch screen (viewing distance is 7 feet).

However, Which.co.uk website and Curry's website list smaller screens, roughly 32-39 for that distance. I thought Currys would over estimate to make more money but they don't appear to have done so in all fairness.

What my problem is, is the 32 ins big enough for that viewing distance to see 1080p clearly but small enough not to see the pixels on SD?

Also, would a 40 ins be too big at 7 ft distance when watching SD? There's not enough 720/1080p channels on UK terrestrial at the moment though I do watch a lot of blu-ray and Netflix/Lovefilm HD streams.


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For a visible difference on HD, you apparently need to have about a 60" at 7ft! Depends how big you like a TV to be in the bedroom. I am more than happy with my 32" for Sky HD at about 8ft in the bedroom. I try not to watch SD, but where I have no choice, it's bearable on the 32". That said I am currently watching SD at 8ft on a 46" and it's ok too if fuzzy compared to HD!

If you want to get a more immersive feeling with films, go bigger and not worry about what SD might be like. No TV will give you perfection for both, depends what's more important


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I used to have a look at the Which? website for advice on TV's but ever since they gave the Panasonic ST60 a 54% rating I don't listen to a word they say!

Samsung's perform really well with SD in my experience. Go bigger as Vickster says!


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I just changed from a 32 to a 40 and will not be going back :) viewing distance is about 8 feet

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