32" Tv's that will fit into corners


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Ive had a 29" non widescreen Sony Trinitron KV-29F1U for well over 10 years which I got from new.
It's been 100% reliable and still gives an incredibly good picture every bit as good as anything I've seen in the shops sub £700.
I want to replace it with a widscreen TV and having looked around now realise it must be a 32" to give anything like a comparable height picture.
Problem is I want something that fits nicely into a corner like my current TV and which still allows good ventilation.
My Sony is only 12" wide at the back but all of the sets I see in the local shops are massively wide by comparison and will jut out unacceptably into the room.
What reasonable quality 32" widscreen TV's are there that are relatively narrow at the back, the width at the front is not really that important.
I'm looking in the sub £700 bracket although I might even consider a second hand high end Sony thats 3 or 4 years old as long as its in excellent condition.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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The Toshiba pictureframe 3 has a narrow back, my 36" will fit into a corner on units 20" deep. It is smaller than a lot of 32" screens so the 32" version would be even a better fit. :)


Yes and me as I am looking to get the 32" (32ZP48P) Does anybody have one of these and what do they think?


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I have the Tosh 36ZP48 and am delighted with it. The PQ using component leads from DVD is excellent. I would never have considered a 36" TV because they are normally huge and overpower the room. The Tosh of course only has a narrow (Picture) frame so the set is probably no larger than the equivilent Sony or Philips 32". I am so pleased I went for the 36". The other important feature IMO is the DD 5.1 sound if you don't want the extra clutter of a seperate system.


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MikeD said:
Hi Baron that sounds interesting how do you rate the Tosh interms of picture?

Mike D & GM Jones

Excellent picture and sound, only drawback (and true of previous Panasonic 25") is the reflectivity of the glass, well, I do have it facing a bay window :suicide:

But curtains closed great with DVDs and Freeview box :thumbsup:

Last me a few years til DLP gets down to a grand :D


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I have a Sony 28HX15 which is quite narrow at the back, it tapers in a lot. Don't know about the 32 inch version. It's not 100Hz but like you I had a very reliable and loved old Sony and wanted more of the same (but wider!). Worth investigating. Check out previous threads on this site using the search facility.

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