32" TV required for my mother


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OK, posted this on a couple of other forums I frequent - thought I'd get the experts opinions from here:

Mother currently has an old 28" Bush CRT television. It is on it's last legs, major picture and colour distortion and it's going to die.
She'd like to get herself a new television in for Christmas.

I'd like her to get Full HD even though she doesn't really require it at the moment. The difference in cost for Full HD appears to be so minimal.
One of the biggest potential issues is that she has a Sky+ Box (Old Silver Pace unit) and a DVD player.
Both of these, as fart as I know, can only use SCART.
So ideally the television in question would have 2x SCART sockets.
Digital Freeview tuner (she has Sky, but would like "terrestrial" back again)

I personally love Samsung. I spent a long time looking before I purchased my own 40" LCD a few years ago and found the Samsung units just looked better.
Since then I've grown to acknowledge Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic as good units.

Not a "rich old lady" I'm afraid, but as this will be a purchase she uses for a long time I'd say top-end would be around £400. Although spending less would be better of course.

Does anyone know if the old Sky+ boxes can at least use Component? That might get around the SCART issue.
Alternatively, is there now a £40 Bluray player you can buy? That would be HDMI and would solve her DVD issue.

Bottom Line:
32" - she's moving from a 28" CRT so already going to have around 6" more viewing space a much smaller surround.
LED preferred - although this may result in the lack of SCART?
So if recommending a unit with only 1 SCART - please can you also address the options I listed with regards getting one of her devices off SCART.

Thank you all for your time - your advice is important to me!


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but you can get HDMI to scart adapters I think?

Afraid not. SCART is essentially an analogue connection,HDMI is digital.


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Time for a BR player or Sky HD...or a TV with 2 scarts if you can find one? Problem is most TVs seem to have 4 HDMI and only one Scart :(


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Sometimes parents can be the most annoying people!
I took the mother shopping and I showed her the Samsung UE32D5520.
I myself was so impressed by it, that lovely LED backlight, the SmartTV addition.
It stood head and shoulders above a lot of the other 32" televisions available.
It was nicely priced at £379 and buying from John Lewis meant it had a 5yr warranty with it.
I pushed and I pushed and the result?

Nah, don't like that, it looks "too flimsy".
This is a mother who was moving from an old, very solid 28" Bush CRT television.
No matter how much I tried to conveince her, I tried telling, begging and almost getting angry, but she wouldn't budge.
So, we ended up instead with a:

Samsung LE32D580

It seems a nice enough TV.
Not LED, so a deeper unit but of course didn't deel "flimsy".
The picture quality on it looked OK, nothing stunning but certainly no worse than the other non-LED based units on display.

She'll be getting it next week and I'll be setting it up for her. It just pains me that for an extra £40 she could have had the UE32D5520 and that's a TV even I'd be happy with!

Parents eh?

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