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32" Samsung Vs 32" LG


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Hello people, I have been scouring the internet for about a week now searching for the best LCD HD TV I can find for £300 - £450. I have narrowed my choices down to the Samsung le32b550, samsung le32b450, lg32LH3000, or the lg32LH5000.

I have looked at others such as the le32b530, but I read bad things about where it was made and it also isn't listed on the samsung website. (is this a load of rubbish, is the TV model fine?)

Now the the b550 and the lh5000 are the better spec tv's, but are their cheaper siblings that much worse?? Can you notice the difference of the b550's 1080p to the b540's 720i resolution on the small 32" Samsung screens? Does the LG's 100mhz processing work well enough on the lh5000 to warrent the extra money over the lh3000?

I also read that the blacks on the LG's are worse than the Samsung but that the LG's shine in other areas.

Are these TV's my best choice? If so which one would you advise to buy? Any advise would be appreciated.


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Ill be using it for Gaming on an xbox 360 and movies on a bluray player. I stream a lot of movies from my pc to my Xbox, so I suppose my new tv should be able to show standard definition pictures clearly.

Ill be hooking it up to my PC just to see what its like, but I allready have a pc monitor so that aspect isnt that important.
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the extra Hz is only useful for watching sports and can actually be detremental to gaming, people often turn it back down to 50, response times are slower on the samsungs and faster on the LGs with regard to gaming so if your primary use is for that you dont need the extra Hz so id say just go for a 50Hz LG and youll be sweet, samsungs are also not meant ot have great sound

however it is worth noting i have done a fair bit of reading on the LH3000 owners thread of this forum and quite a few people have issues with sound lagging with regard to this series and using the XBOX, which really just makes your decision confusing lol it might only be a few rare cases or somethign to do with having component and HDMI connected so i would give that thread a bit of a read
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thanks, ive decided to go with the Samsung le32b550 as it gets nothing but praise from everywhere I have looked! Well its the Samsung le32b551a not sure what the difference is?

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