32" or 36" Prog Scan TVs

Mark Ward

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I have an Arcam FMJ27 PAL & NTSC Prog Scan DVD Player

Would progressive scan TV make any real difference to picture quality for a 32" or 36" 100Hz set? Would it be worth an upgrade from my excellent 32" 100Hz Panny Tau?

If so....

What make/models would be recommended?




I therefore assume you would need a telly with component input to take the progresive signal.

The only one I'm aware of is the Tosh models ending inZ29 i think.

I was considering one of these then saw a huge thread about issues.

I then thought oo 9607, but no I want a proper dual tuner, so I'm ging the other way to you and get looking at a pana tau telly.



I thinks it's the Toshiba xxzd26p or xxzt26p series, depending on if you want a digital tuner en dolby digital instead of analog and nicam stereo. These tv's however only accepts NTSC progressive.
De Panasonic TX32PH40 accepts NTSC as well as PAL. However, 32" is the only size available at the moment and it had some bad reviews I think. I also want a progressive tv, but am going to wait for a few months, until new series of tv's come out with PAL and NTSC progressive.
Can't say anything about progressive scan quality though, because I haven't seen it myself. According to the few owners of the Tosh, it's great. Read the 50-60 page thread about it.



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Yes it would say it is a huge improvement, even on a 32 inch set.

I have the Tosh 32ZD26P partnered with a Prog Scan Tosh SD-510, and the picture is flawless. There does seem to be a fair few problems with the 36 inch models, so at the moment 32 seems to be the size to go.

If you have any questions let me know



Judging by the pics in the HUGE thread on this issue, there is a distinct advantage to be gained from prog scan on the Toshibas.

I have just sold my Panasonic 36PF10 100hz Tau TV and have got a Toshiba 36ZD26P on order purely to utilise the prog scan/component connection from my Toshiba 510 DVD.

I am aware that the 36"ers seem to have problems but I became totally infuriated with the Panny's RGB Scart problem which, although improved by various suggestions from kevb, still remained.

I've been told that as the Tosh TV comes direct from the manufacturer, the delivery guys set it all up, test it and don't leave until you're happy the TV is OK. Hmm, why don't I believe that?

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