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Am looking to buy a 32'' LCD with a PC input. Am willing to pay up to £750 and am looking for some ideas as to what the best buy would be.

Also, how is the PC input activated? Is it as simple as hooking up a lead to the PC - do these TV's have sockets in them similar to computer monitors?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Steve

There are lots (if not all) 32" LCDs with VGA inputs.

Probably the best 32" on price:quality ratio is the Panasonic TX32LXD70

It's also good at what a lot of comparable LCDs at that price aren't, too -- SD feeds! :smashin:

Yes, VGA is just the normal D-Sub connector, more often than not the TVs have a red and white jack for the audio inputs, too, should you so desire.


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Then again, Toshiba are supposed to be useless with PCs due to the total lack of a 1:1 pixel mapping mode (this means you get blurry computer images). LG TVs are specially good at this and some even have DVI-I which doubles up as either a VGA or digital (HDMI style) input. My LG 32LX2R even came with both leads!

steve 4555


I have seen a SONY KDL32S2530 which had a great picture in the shop compared to other TV's - but not sure what they are like to use as a PC Monitor..

Any opinions welcome.



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Toshiba 32C3030D £513.60

4000:1 Contrast Ratio
2 x HDMI Connection/s
1 x PC D-Sub Connection/s
((SRS)) Surround Sound


their new stuff coming in may look good too
I'm really not wishing to pick a fight here but just because it has a PC connection doesn't mean it does 1:1. I've heard that Toshiba's don't do this, but I've never owned one or tried it on one.


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Please see this link:


Even if a screen has a PC VGA connection in is not necessarily 1:1 Pixel mapping and might not even Display Widescreen PC inputs.

I was looking for a 32 inch LCD before I decided to go up to 37inch.

You MUST check the manuals on the manufacturers web sites of any screen to check if they at a minimum support Widecreen PC resolutions.

TV manufactures are only just waking up to the fact that people are connecting PC's to their screens to watch movies on!!

For example the Sharp Aquos LC-37XD1E is a 1920 x 1080 screen but only supports 1280 x 1024 for PC inputs.

Philips 37PF9731 is a 1920 x 1080 screen but only supports 1024 X 768 for PC inputs.

Toshiba 32 & 37 WLT66 are 1366 x 768 screens but will only give 1024 x 768 PC Inputs. (But their very lastest TV's do support 1366 x 768 however can your PC output this resolution).

For the ideal 1:1 Pixel mapping your TV should accept Widescreen PC inputs and match the resolution of the graphics card in your PC.


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That site is a great idea, but it lists the Tosh WLT66 series as doing 1:1 pixel mapping, when it quite clearly doesn't. For that reason, I don't feel like I can trust the site at all.

This forum is still the best place to find out if a screen can do 1:1, or just buy an LG which seem to be streets ahead of other manufacturers when it comes to PC inputs.

steve 4555

Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is 1:1 pixel mapping?...does this feature matter if I don't want to watch movies via my PC?


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