32" LCD recommendations - another thread!


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I realise that someone recently asked the same thing, but it's my turn now.

A local youth group has asked me to choose them a TV, and, quite frankly, I'm going mental trying to work out the best option.

Budget is £300 to £350 and they need a 32". They'll probably be using it 75% for gaming and 25% for TV/DVD. It will be wall-mounted so needs to look and sound OK on a wall.

I think it needs to be 1080p and have a Freeview HD tuner. I'd prefer CCFL to LED as it's a tried and tested technology.

I was thinking of the Sony 32CX523, but the HDTVTest web site says it has high input lag which makes it unsuitable for games.

I'm considering dropping the Freeview HD and going for an LG 32LK450U, which seems a reasonable all-rounder.

The budget could be stretched slightly if there is a good choice for a bit more.

Any thoughts?


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No-one likes me :-( Going to cry!

Seriously, I've done a bit more research and the Panasonic TX-L32U3B seems to tick all the boxes, and is available for £299 at Currys (I must be getting desperate).

Does anyone have one of these? Are they any good?


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Yep, Panasonic make good TVs with lowish lag and good viewing angles :) Not much better for the cash
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