32" LCD, Max £250. Brand or Budget?


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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for advice on buying a TV.

-LCD or LED LCD (no preference)
-32" but 40" preferred
-£250 max, might stretch to just over.

I don't mind it being an old refurb, I'm just looking for good value.

For instance, am I better of getting an old refurb 40" Samsung LCD LE40M87 for £220, or spending the same amount on a new Celcus 32" LCD ala Sainsburys?

All advice greatly appreciated. :rolleyes:


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You may have better luck here.
The only advice I can give is maybe take a look at Richer Sounds site as they have a wide range of small sets.
Fair enough, thanks. I'd been looking at richer sounds, and there seem to be a few good deals on there especially in the bargain refurb section, but I'll be trying the classifieds here to, thanks for the tip.

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