32 inch lcd with freeview in Aldi


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Oct 30, 2004
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Anyone know anything about this television which will be available on Thursday?


My son is after an inexpensive 32 inch tv, but is this one worth getting or is it best to avoid it?

The small print mentions by implication that it's a Tevion.
Search on "Aldi" (and possibly Tevion) in this forum to see what experiences were with previous Tevions from Aldi.

Chris Muriel, Manchester
Yes, I know it is a Tevion.

I cannot find anything which seems to correspond to this particular model, but obviously can find comments on previous Tevion lcd's.

I have had a few Tevion products personally and have had mixed success with them.

Generally, they seem to be ok. Not the best, but adequate for those on a low budget wanting something of resonable quality, as is the case for my son.

I think the problem is what they say it does...

and what it actually does can be different !

Therefore its hard to judge it, although I guess their returns policy still applies.

Perhaps the question is :

Is there anything better out there for the money ?
As you say, the returns policy is good.

Aldi seldom refuse to take anything recently purchased back for an refund. :smashin:

I think my son will try and get one with that knowledge.

the best way to judge it would be to see up and running, however i doubt aldi would actually have one on display, as you say the returns policy seems to be good. could be worth a punt and if it turns out crap take it back.
I'm thinking of getting one myself but it doesn't say what the panel resolution is so i will have to check that in the shop but i guess it is 1366x768 and not really 1080i but 720p will do for the 360. :)
Well, I got there early and got one. Bloody heavy to get home (on the bus!).

First impressions: It looks fairly cheap, only to be expected I guess, but not really a problem (I may cover up the Tevion silver logo with a bit of black tape!). I was really worried when I went through the auto-setup procedure and started watching on the internal digital receiver. The picture was pretty bad and there was a very noticeable sync problem with audio and picture, ranging from small to huge, but always there.

I was about to re-box it and struggle back to Aldi's when I thought about trying my old freeview box. Connected by scart, made sure the settings on box and TV were compatible, and, lo, a perfect picture and properly synced sound. I assume that they have cut costs by putting in a cheap (ie useless) digital tuner.

I'm now very happy, and glad that I have a 3-year full labour and parts warranty (including a pick-up and delivery service) - that's what swung it for me in the end.
Anyone else purchased this? My Mum wants a bigger telly and saw this offer. She could stretch to £600, so any views on other 32" LCDs around that price would be appreciated. :thumbsup:
Anyone else purchased this? My Mum wants a bigger telly and saw this offer. She could stretch to £600, so any views on other 32" LCDs around that price would be appreciated. :thumbsup:

Have a samsung 32" r87 and its the mutts nuts, takes a bit of tweaking for your own pic requirements but loads of settings to achieve it, 3 hdmi, component, 2 scart and optical out..all for £499 (£469 current) from costco with 3 year cover, although i think you can get it even cheaper on the net. Started off with a tevion 32" a couple of years ago, there was a mega thread about it on here as it had a lot of issues and although pic was good it didnt do exactly what it said on the tin.
if she can stretch to £600 you shouldnt even be considering the Tevion from Aldi.

For £600 you can get the best 32 inch panel currently available complete with a 5 year warranty from John Lewis - namely the panasonic in my sig.

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