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decisions!! decisions!!
i need a bedroom tv, 32 inch seems to be the good size though a 37inch is fine if the price is right. Was thinking around the £400 price range but would stretch to £450 if the TV was worth it. The tv must have freeview not freesat and MUST be able to play MKV hd movies. This is the primary reason for my choice of tv's below.

i will be watching SD freeview 50%, divx sd and mkv movies 50%. Usual viewing distance will be around 8ft. Possibly used for gaming in the future so would be nice if lag is minimal. Unsure if 1080p is needed from this range but it gives me the option of PC usage at some point so is preferred.

the TV must be able to play HD mkv via USB. this is a must as i have lots of mkvs (1080p and 720p) and would like the tv to be able to play from an external HDD. Ive toyed with the idea of a cheap set and buying a ps3/HD player but have decided to buy a slightly more expensive set that will play HD via USB

I have been looking at the following tv's:

LG 32LH2000, (amazon £328)
LG 32LH3000, (dixons £379)
LG 32LH5000 (dixons £449) (mkv play by default)
LG 37LH2000 (dixons £434)
SAMSUNG B554 (comet £429)
SAMSUNG B551 (dixons £399)
TOSHIBA RV635db (Amazon £349)

if the LG are still hackable the LH3000 seems a decent buy as its 1080p. Its £120 cheaper than the LH5000 and i can live without 100hz. (just worried i may end up with a new unhackable firmware)

I was able to enable the service menu hack on a display model B554 on the comet shop which played beautifully but ive heard the new firmwares for series 5 have blocked this so i am weary of buying this in case it has the new firmware while the older shop model didnt. Currys are selling a B551 which i am assuming is series 5 but has the series 4 red tint and only 3 hdmi's but with a series 5 stand..strange) Anyone know if i am able to apply the samsung service menu hack on this model??

The display Samsung B554 in Comet was a lovely image but it is almost the same price as the LG LH5000 and with this set i know MKV's work and it has 100hz truemotion (though ive heard differing views of its usefullness). Im also a little worried about the poor sound though to be fair it will mainly be watched at night so wont be loud at all.

Anyone know if the Toshiba RV635 can be play HD content from USB? It does have a USB but i believe thats just for pictures. Ive heard this TV has problems with smearing but Toshiba is a classy brand and this is a decent price.

Do Panasonics play MKV from the SD card slot?

Any ideas of the best TV to get and how i can ensure it definitely plays MKV. (other than the LH5000 which is my backup plan if i cant find any others)

my local comet and currys must be getting sick of me coming in window shopping by now.

any advice would be greatly appreciated
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I've got the exact same problem with a similar line up, I know the best TV'S are the Samsung 32" B554 (£429 @ Comet) or the LG LH5000 (£449 @ Currys) which has more features, but which one to pick :/ Did you get one in the end?

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