32 inch 1080p as PC monitor

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    Was thinking between:

    Sony 32W4000
    Samsung 32A656

    useage: Preety much as all you can do with a PC Monitor: games, text editing, movies.

    Was going for sony because it has very low input lag, but then i found out that sharpness and some processing can't be disabled wich makes the text of the desktop icons look very nasty , and very sure that could cause problems in applications too, as i work very much with Allplan (CAD).
    Currently own a Samsung 32A450, tested it ,only on VGA though. Looks very good, preety good in games, very small blur, no lag noticed(i dind't test though because i don't have a CRT),but it's not fullhd, and i need work space for CAD.
    Also another question is : Since i will only play movies from my PC hdd should i be worried about 24p?
    From what i learned i would go for 32A656.If it works al least as good as my 32A450 does on PC it should be the right choice.What do you guys think?
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