32 incd LCD purchase HELP!!!


Hi all

I'd like to start by thanking in advance anyone who is able to help me out a little with my upcoming LCD purchase.

I am looking at currently decorating my bedroom and therefore this will enable me to upgrade from the current 24inch Sony Wega (which is fine...but hey I just want something new)...

I have decided on a 32 inch screen as although I originally wanted a 37....its just going to be too big as its going to be suspended from the ceiling on a pole and the size of the 37 in screens will mean it is just too big.

Therefore with 32 as the choice for me, can anyone help me with the 1080p thing....I am only going to be attaching a HD straming media player, in this case the ISTAR, this will give me access to about 1000 films and another 800 episodes of TV, most of it in awesome quality and a lof of the TV in HD format...the box will also upscale everything to 1080p so Im hoping to get as much as possible out of the TV itself.

My main question is this, on a screen of this size from about 8 to 10 feet, will I get any benefit of a 1080p screen, or would I be better off with a 720 screen...I dont mind spending the extra £200-300 on the FHD screen, but want to make sure it is actually worth it before I spend that extra. I will of course have an arial connected so I can watch standard digi tv too but the main programming will be streamed at a very high quality.

THe cost of the 720 (or 768 as most of them are) is coming in at about £400 and the FHD sets are nearer £800....

Any suggestions on makes or models would also be appreciated

Any comments or views would be appreciated.

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