32" Hitachi Plasma or Techwood??



Well i really only have sub £2000 to spend as i've seen quite a few people been saying too.
So i would just like to know is the Techwood really worth buying seeing that with the Currys code it comes to Just under £1900.
Or do i plump for quality but a smaller screen size?

I really would like the bigger screen but you always wonder if the cheaper plasmas are good enough.

I'm a newbie big screen buyer so i'm just unsure of what to do.
If the recommendation is the Techwood for value then i will go for that.

Also i don't have a good analogue signal and i don't have sky at the moment, but i do watch alot of DVD's and play Xbox and other consoles quite alot.

Any help appreciated.
go with the Techwood m8 i kno i would
Thx Slim I have been watching your posts about Techwoods and i was leaning that way, just need someone who had been there done that to clarify before i went ahead.
My Techwood has been excellent for DVDs and XBOX (using an x2vga convertor and modded xbox to get the hi res progressive modes) and my PC looks excellent via DVI as well. Whether a Hitachi would be better is up to your eyes and how much you want a bigger screen. I know I wouldn't change mine for one though!!!
Thx jonbd, i saw your Pic's in a post it does look good i have to say.

Just another thing would a 42" plasma look awkward in a smallish room? it will be going into a alcove and the shortest viewing distance is 5-6 feet away and then the furthest distance away is about 10 feet away??

If this is too big for the room then then i may have to get the Hitachi 32" which is more expensive (unless there is a cheaper 32" none branded plasma)

I got the 32" Hitachi this weeeknd; it's in my standard Victorial terraced house front living room; viewing from around 6 - 8 feet away.

Any bigger and the screen would have looked stupidly out of place... As it is, it looks fantastic!
at 32", also worth looking at LCD screens, which are hires like the hitachi, and comparable on price.

You can get the philips or sharp 30" for about £2k, and various 27" for about £1400-1600
i would all ways go with the bigger screen for the same amout of money but thats just me
all so you have a wall brackit with the Techwood so it can go up on to the wall

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