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32" for SD around £300?


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I'm sure this has been asked many times, but I'm struggling to find recent (post 2009) threads so please forgive it being asked again.

Looking for a 32" TV to replace our aging CRT, we have a sky HD box, but no HD subscription so SD source will be its primary use.
TV will be in a corner, 13'x18' lounge, budget around £300, don't really want to go much higher, especially as shortly afterwards I'll probably be looking for an upscaling DVD player with USB which will be another £40 or so..

Budget is around £300, and Tesco is ideal for us as my wife gets 10% staff discount.

Currently we have a 22" Technika and it's not great (poor viewing angle, "washed out" colours, poor sound), so probably not going to get another one.

LG 32LD 490 - one member here says "I'm returning mine as SD material really sucks on this set"

Samsung UE32C4000 - seem to be issues with build quality and setup (but many people seem happy)

sony bx400 - general advice seems to be to steer clear of cheap sony...

tosh 32bv700b - The Toshiba BV series is probably the most average of Toshiba's TV's"...


the more I read, the less I know, so I'm asking for help - thanks

One last "must have" - no buzzing - our current TV has an annoying buzz, especially on white screens - I don't fancy any more of that :)
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LCDs aren't the best for SD unfortunately but better a small one

Review of a popular Samsung here

Samsung C530 (LE32C530) Review - AVForums.com

The reviewer liked it

Scaling of standard definition sources was, for the most part, good but there was a graininess to the picture occasionally visible. This is perhaps the result of trying to cram all those pixels in to such a small panel. On the upside, there was very little in the way of haloing to distract you from the content. Fed a decent bit-rate, the C530 certainly performed well if with an occasional softness you wouldn't expect from an LCD.

Viewing High Definition material was a real pleasure on the Samsung LEC530, Blu-rays looked excellent and the solid deinterlacing performance meant that 1080i broadcast material was handled very well indeed. All in all, it's hats off to Samsung for extracting such great performance on a set in this price range. Have I mentioned that this set is only around £300? It's crazy!!

Samsung LE32C530 | 32 inch LCD TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview | Richer Sounds In budget from RS with 5 year warranty :) They'll probably do you a nice deal on the DVD player too :)
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Thanks, Vickster.

My big (read massive) worry is that I like the sd picture on my CRT, is the LCD gonna be as good?

£259 with 5 year warranty makes RS worth the drive :D
--oops, 10% for the extra warranty, and sale of goods act should cover it anyway, might not be happening as amazon offer same price with advantage of distance selling regs so i can return it if I'm not happy with the picture
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Unfortunately no, as new flatscreen TVs are designed to show HD at its best rather than SD

HD ready 720p TVs are often as good or better than full HD for SD as there is less scaling. I have a 720p 37" plasma which I watch from around 7-8ft and I have no complaints on SD and HD looks great (Sky or BR)

If you are looking for an inexpensive option... Samsung LE32C350 | 32 inch LCD TV HD Ready Freeview | Richer Sounds

Take a drive to RS maybe and see the options? They'll have as much choice as any

Personally, on the warranty front, I'd pay the 10%, mainly because there is no way I would want the hassle of pursuing through SOGA, but it's a personal choice :)

If you are that worried, and don't need to change, wait for the CRT to go bang?


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I've been waiting for the CRT to "go bang" for a couple of years :)

A friend giving me the sky hd box yesterday had prompted the move to digital just for those few channels that are available with the basic sky subscription :D

Looks like a sammy is the way to go though, HDMI leads already ordered from amazon (£4 each) ...., just got to wait for next week's payday as I got carried away paying council tax etc.. this week :D


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Hi, I need inexpensive 720p up to 32". It will be mostly connected to a PC thru VGA (or DVI) for occasional videos and Counter Strike and Rally gaming.

There is still few pieces left of Samsung LE32C350 but would need some positive feedback before buying, anyone?

Another one is LG 32LD450 is 50€ more expensive than Samsung but 1080p at least - good for PC gaming?

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For feedback, do a search via the model number. 1080p is useful for PC use
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Search gives me mostly posts about USB video playback, can't spot anything about PC gaming.

Just found another option - Samsung P2470HD which is 1080p 24" monitor + TV tuner combination, handy for my purpose. The question here if this panel is any better than 32" LCD tvs for gaming?


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Plasma LG 32PG6000 is the best SD performer ever made
along with the Panasonic 37 X20 plasma , search them second handed

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