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32" for £250-300?


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Looking for:
32 Inch
Can handle SD television respectably (I'm assuming 720p is better than 1080p for this?)
Low/Low-ish Input Lag for Xbox 360 gaming
Minimal motion blurring - fast Xbox 360 gaming (Call of Duty online etc)
Good picture quality

What I've found so far:
Panasonic L32X20 - £290
Samsung LE32C530 - £260

I assume the £290 Panny fits the bill the best? Are there any other TV's I should be made aware of that you think might fit the bill better? :confused:

I'm buying on behalf of someone else who likes to save £ where possible - I've read the Samsung LE32C530 has some motion blurring, is it noticeable? Like "worth paying £30 more for the Panny" noticeable?

Thanks in advance.


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1080p is full hd and is better than 720p

Another thing your might want to look at is contrast ratio, it really helps to have a high contrast ratio when gaming.

I don't think input lag is something you can consider if your looking for a cheap lcd, unless you find a bargain.

Motion blur, if you want something with motion technology you should expect to pay around £100 more for a cheap one. Something like this: Samsung UE32D5000 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Iam personally looking for a new 32" tv to replace my 22". Mostly for gaming so:

Full HD,
High Contrast Ratio eg. 10000:1
Backlight (overbright or not)

I have been looking at these two:

Toshiba 32BV700B 32-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD LCD: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Hannspree ST321MBB 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Hope this helps!


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The 32C530 has pretty much the lowest lag of any LCD TV from 2010. Motion technology like 100hz, adds lag and not necessarily the best for gaming

Can you explain why 1080p is 'better', especially for standard def / non 1080p material - SD TV, most games etc, especially on a small set which is not being used as a PC monitor or being used from more than a couple of feet away? :)


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Thanks vickster. Is the motion blurring on the 32C530 noticeable, have you seen it in action?

From Mark Hodgkinson's AVforums review

The downside of gaming on this TV was the motion blur, particularly evident in high contrast area’s. For example, I could literally see the players ‘dragging’ against the pitch whilst engaged in a game of FIFA. This is something I can certainly forgive but I’d advise anyone with a real aversion to this aspect of LCD technology to check for themselves before installing it as their gaming TV.

Also if you've seen the Samsung 32C530 in action, I take it the viewing angle isn't great?
(Quote from the review)

Shadow detailing was pretty weak, however, and there’s a very noticeable loss of contrast when viewed from anything over approximately 40 degrees off centre. Not only was this on the horizontal plane but also on the vertical one meaning that any prospective owner should give serious consideration to the placement of the television and how it would affect anyone viewing the television out of the ‘sweet spot’.


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Not looked at it in detail. Unfortunately, many LCDs, especially the entry level models have blurring, it is a weakness of the technology. 100hz processing can help 'smooth' this out but it adds input lag. Depends which is the bigger consideration. Plasmas are less blurry and have less lag, but they start at a 37" (indeed, all but one are 42"+) and around £400+ for entry level HD ready

Adding £100-150+ to your budget will increase your options, but won't buy perfection by any stretch - every TV has some failing or other (even if this is ridiculous cost).

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