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32" CRT With pixel enhancement

Discussion in 'TVs' started by emfect, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. emfect


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    I'm looking for a 32" CRT television with a "wow factor". In other words, I'm looking for a TV with a picture that is sharper than your average Sony FX86.
    The main thing is that I want a good-excellent pciture with my DTV box, and preferably a superb image for DVD and HTPC (I will buy a dvd-player with component output if necessary to achieve this). I am really not at all interested in analog source performance as I intend not to use this. (only RGB over scart or YUV over component)

    The options I have narrowed down and fit within my price category (under 1200 EUR) are:

    option 1: JVC HV-32D40 (or hv-32p40b as we like to call it in Europe)
    haven't been able to find a lot of info about this TV other than this forum. I am really curious how this TV measures up against the 9509? is the newest installment of DIST a match for PP2? HDTV ready and with progressive scanning seems too good to be true, will the DTV performance with a reasonable signal still be good?

    option 2: Thomson 32wb642s
    Read some good stuff about the allround performance of Hi-Pix, yet the detail doesn't seem quite as impressive as PP2.

    option 3: Philips 32PW9509
    PP2 just makes this one stand out easily from a wall of tv's when using a decent source.
    I was initially going for this one until I saw it next to a Sony FQ86 and noticed how artificial and less calm and natural the image of the philips looked, especially at moving scenes. I tried fumbling with the settings in the shop but the effect remained the same, is this normal for PP2?)

    I know Toshiba and Panasonic have some good alternatives but these are far pricier here in The Netherlands are are out of my budget.

    Does anyone have any reviews or comparisons between these tv's or maybe another (affordable) suggestion I missed?


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