32" CRT with DVI / HDMI / PC VGA in?


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Do they exist?
It is for the bedroom, and as I don't really want to spend £600 on an LCD I wonder if a CRT would be a cheaper alternative... a slim model would be nice too.


EDIT: So, I have found the massive thread about the Samsung set - that looks promising, seen it online for about £400 - what is the results on connecting a PC - DVI to HDMI - what resolutions / refresh rates are supported?


EDIT AGAIN: Ok, I have read some more threads on this and it looks sort of promising. I have some outstanding questions if anyone has the time...

What is the current best price for the set (with HDMI) and does it come with a stand?
It seems that I should be ok to use a DVI to HDMI cable from my MCE PC, and it should support 1280 x 720 @ 50hz - is this correct?
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