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32"" Colour and BW Picture not alligning

Discussion in 'TVs' started by Johnew, May 17, 2003.

  1. Johnew

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    May 14, 2003
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    Scotland UK
    Well recieved my new Panasonic 32" on Wednesday. Fantastic tv exept for the black/white picture and the colour picture were not alligned over each other. The colour picture partly overlapped the black and white and was about 5 pixels to the left which caused a terrible shadow and grain across the screen. Using the arial or RGB made no difference. Contacted the retailer who sent out an engineer?? with another set. This set had exactly the same problem. They have now taken away both sets and given a refund. The thing is I liked the set but the engineer said "He was not allowed to rectify the problem (allign the black and white and colour picture as his would invaladate the guarantee.") I have never heard of an engineer who works for a company you purchase a product from not being allowed to repair the goods bought from his company. It turns out all is not what it seems, the shop was a franchise from the tv manufacturer in name only and the engineer was sub contracted, and that's how he was not allowed to rectify a simple problem.

    All he had to do was allign the B/W and colour pictures and I would have been very happy with my new TV:mad:

    Can anyone tell me are all 28" and above CRT TV's prone to this fault, or is it just bad quality control?, because while looking through other tv display models I cannot tell, as they are usually badly set up and a signal is pumped to 30 tv's, and trying to get staff to setup a DVD to see TV's working correctly I get "Not allowed to do that Sorry" attitude.

    Back to the portable tonight. !! Sorry folks Depressed
    Start looking again tomorrow for a new set any suggestions 28" or 32" with 5.1 and DTS and without the above problem.


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