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I am looking to purchase 2 x TV's this month and was wondering if anyone could pass on any recommendations to help in my search.

1st I am looking for a 32" LCD or LED to go in a TV Bed. Doesn't have to be anything spectacular but I would Like Freeview HD and LED if possible for £250 - £280, am I shooting too high for that price?

2nd I am looking for something between 40" and 46" for the lounge. I do want a quality set here (my last 32" Phillips set has lasted 10 years and I still love it) so need to choose wisely. My Budget is around £650 Max and so far I have looked at:
LG 42LW550T42 – LED 3D 649.99
SONY KDL40EX723BU40" LED 3D TV at £549
SONY KDL40EX524BU40" LED TV at £599
This one uses SKY+ and I may upgrade to Sky HD and invest in a Blu Ray Player in the next 12 months. I am also looking to Network the new TV up so SMART features would be good although I think Picture quality and future proofing are my main requirements.

Also wondered if anyone new anywhere in the Leeds or Hull area (or online) who would maybe knock down process for buying two TV’s form the same place?

Any suggestions gratefully received :)



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I don't think you'll find a new TV with FV HD for much under £350 ish - with a normal FV tuner easier

There is the Panasonic txl-32c3 (not full HD but not really needed for bedroom TV for Freeview)


There was a Sound & Vision store in Leeds but it's closed at the moment.

Those prices are already low for the Sonys I think
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If you can stretch your budget a little then you could look at the following?

LG 32 INCH 32LE4500 (299) via Argos eBay

Sony Bravia KDL40HX723 (629)
Samsung UE40D6530 (649)
Sony Bravia KDL40NX723 (699)
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