32/36ZD26 owners: quick question?

the thing wnn

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new to this forum, seems the best place for techy questions about AV stuff!

looking for a possible purchase for the Tosh 36ZD26 because of the Prog scan feature, but have a few questions first.

Firstly, when you change screen modes (wide, 4:3, zoom etc) on this set, does the picture go off, then on again in the new size, or does it just stretch while remaining on?
I have the Sony KV36 at the mo, and the one thing I liked over my old 32" b4 this was the way the picture just stretched and didn't go off and on again (does this make sense to you all?)

2) So how good is the prog scan picture from a prog scan player?

3) How does the pic quality rate over normal NTL digital cable broadcasts? etc etc

4) How many of the scarts are RGB endowed?

5) would those of you that own the Tosh 36" and know the Sony 36" think the Tosh is worth selling the sony over?

Basically, let me know your honest opinions people!

Thank you for your views, from a nice new newbie! ;) :D


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i should point out that i do not own first,
1 scart is rgb m8 but it does have components

it does not stretch the pic it goes off for a sec

an thats all i know lol hope this helps a little there are a few people who own this set so you dhould get a reply quick :D

the thing wnn

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Silverback - cheers for the reply.

It's a shame it goes off for a second, the stretch version is so much less distracting/annoying.:(

Another added question for you all.
If I did sell my sony 36", what price do they go at second hand?
Its in good nick



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whats the model number of the sony mate other wise i couldnt even roughly estimate how much you would get for it without that

the thing wnn

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Originally posted by SILVERBACK
whats the model number of the sony mate other wise i couldnt even roughly estimate how much you would get for it without that

there's only one 36" Sony that I know of out now,


Ta again!:D


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not sure pf the price i do know that a lot of people on this forum are not gonna touch a sony tv ever again lol.after the scrolling bars problem etc why dont you try posting in the for sale forums mate an see hwat reply you get :)


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Most of this info is a doodle to find. Try doing a search for the product you want info on. There is a long (nearly 600 post) thread extoling the virtues of this set HERE

I dont own the set (yet) but have been looking very hard at it. I terms of answers to you questions.

1. dont know, I would imagine it would go off for a (very) brief period to reset the tube and screen. I cant say I know of any that 'stretch' before your eyes. I was told once that its to 'Reset' the screen to ensure a better picture quality. My Tosh (older version) does it very quickly that you dont even notice it.

I wouldn't rule out buying a set because of it though.

2. Check the thread I mentioned above for comments

3. NTL picture quality is determined by NTL. That will not change if you change your set. Only the PQ of the set will change. As we have no idea the PQ of your current set it is impossible to give an answer !!. (although most poeple seem happy with the quality).

4. Only one of the 3 Scarts is RGB compatible but it does have Component input you could use for your DVD (NTSC Progressive Scanning should help ensure a S***-Hot picture). There are some Screens available on the thread.

5. I personally would go for the Tosh over the Sony anyday. Especially with the problems Sony have been having ith their 100hz technology. See HERE

I cant comment on your current set but having looked around recently I would go for either the Toshiba (my No.1 choice) or a Panasonic (only had a quick look but IMO better than anything Sony has out at the moment).

the thing wnn

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still no one owning a Tosh 32/36ZD26 given me some answers to my original questions?
I haven't found a local store with one in yet, so some advice would be great please?:)


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What more do you want, just because I dont own the TV doesnt mean your questions havn't been answered.

1. Purely personal preference, if it bothers you that much dont get one. The change on most (inc mine) Tosh Tv's is less than a blink so I cant imagine it would cause too much of a problem, but if it bothers you that much dont get one.

2. Check the thread I gave you and look for a user called 'Oblivion's website. he has pictures posted there of the screen shots. (See the thred)

3. Only you can tell as only you know your current setupand PQ, but there have been very few reports of bad PQ and most owners rave about it. (see the thread)

4. Has been answered. Only ONE RGB scart, TWO with S-Video and a set of component inputs. (See here and the thread)

5. This is entirely up to you, if you like your current TV and are happy with it why upgrade, if you have the money to burn then why not but I'd recommend a viewing first. Most large department stores (House of fraser, John Lewis, Allders) havethen in stock to look at. If you tell us where you are someone may be able to recommend a dealer for you to look at.

I appreciate the thread is a bit long but the answer to all your questions are in there (and here twice) so if you really are interested in the set have a look through. You will find all the info you need and more and you can here from the guys who own it.


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the thing wnn - Ill have a go at answering your questions.

1) Dont know. Im at work at the moment and to be honest I have never taken any notice if it goes off then on again. Ill have alook tonight and let you know.

2) Amazing - check out the link on my signiture for some sren grabs.

3) Depends on your NTL signal. I have Sky and that just looks the dogs on the new Tosh

4) 3 Scarts 1 RBG, 1 set of component inputs. So if you have a dvd player with component outs you still have 1 RGB Scart

5) Didn't have the Sony but yes :) This TV give awsome pictures and Progressive Scan IMO blows the likes of pixle plus out of the water.


the thing wnn

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Thanks for more replies! I do appreciate it.

billduff - I have read through that thread, and yes, it is helpful (and long!) I did not mean that your reply was not satisfactory in any way, it was helpful, I just wanted to hear from somebody who actually owned one. Trying to check one out in a store is totally different from someone who owns and has properly set one up.
I did go into two large department stores just today, neither had the new Tosh, just the older picture frame sets.

Oblivion - thanks for your reply too, have checked out your site, looks damn fine. Just got to wait and see if I can sell my Sony now!

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