32/36 PW9308 or PW9618?



Guys, this is so hard choosing a tv but think I wanna got for either the Phillips PW9308 or 9618. Am going to get separate home cinema system (got my eye on Phillips LX9000R) so not as bothered about the built in Dolby Digital on the 9618. So its looking more like the 9308 - but cant decide between the 32 or 36". Both available online at Currys (the 36" for 500 notes less than the shops)? Appreciate any help on this matter. 32 or 36"?


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Hi, Can't help with the 32" or 36" option as it probably depends on space in the room and your normal viewing distance but are you sure the 9308 has sufficient connections for you. If I recall the Uk spec 9308 only has two scart (euro) connectors on the rear. The 9618 has four if I recall correctly.

If you settle on the 32" model there is the 9528, which sits between the 9308 and 9618 and has three rear scarts, but I've only seen it at Comet so don't know how the deals stack up compared with Currys. The 9528 is the one I went for because of the extra connections and better sound options from the TV's in- built speakers. I am happy with the set.
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