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32" 100hz Ferguson Horizontal Line query

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by cfcboy, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. cfcboy


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    Hi, Im new to his forum, hello to all.

    Im having what I consider a hinderance rather than a fault on my Ferguson 32" 100hz TV (1 month old). This "hinderance" is the horizontal line that appears mainly on flashing or fast moving images.

    It first started on my DVD, I sorted the problem by changing the output from NTSC to Pal which got rid of the line. It's fine on terrestral TV but I now seem to be having problems with Sky Digital. I have only just noticed it, I changed my digital output from RGB to Pal which originally sorted it but for some reason the horrid line has come back to haunt me!

    I have searched the forum and found many post about the 100hz problem but not really any cures for it as such.

    Can anyone offer any advice (apart from dragging the TV back to the shop!)?

    Many Thanks, cfcboy

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