Question 32"–50" TV for Watching Anime/Playing Wii U

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Usage (Bedroom)
  1. Anime (720p/1080p) – My main hobby and I'll be watching a lot.
  2. Wii U Gaming - specifically Breath of the Wild (720p/1080i).
  3. No 4k sources into the foreseeable future.
  • Optimal display of 720p/1080p inputs
  • At least one USB-A port
  • Fantastic picture quality. Vibrant colours would be great.
  • Size - Nothing under 32", nothing above 50". Bigger would be preferable.
  • Low-ish input lag.
  • Don't mind about New/Refurbished/Pre-Owned.
  • Possibly no plasma (assuming my needs will result in screen burn/image persistence)
Note: Viewing distance can be adjusted to fit any requirements. I've been unable to find second hand Samsung H6400 models or Sony W80x models. Will continue looking for those, but would like to hear other specific models I should be putting on my radar.


Most of the development for TVs in the past few years has been in HDR and resolution, there is nothing gained on these newer models in terms of colour reproduction for a non-HDR source.

So really, despite manufactures not caring much for TVs sold at smaller sizes any more they are probably more than good enough for your uses.

Its hard to get info on smaller TVs but you should first narrow down on the panel type you want from a TV, then later judge how big you want the TV to be based on how far away you will view and what is optimal for the kind of content you watch.

A good start would be: Which panel type should I choose for my TV?


The chart here should give you an idea of what kind of size is optimal for 720p:
Should I upgrade? - UHD vs FHD

If you are already using a TV then its good to bear in mind that there will be very little change going to a new model now compared to those a few years old now, in fact as you may have already read, TVs of old like the two you mentioned are actually higher spec than the ones you can find now, although really I'm not sure you would benefit from the extra specs even if they were attainable!

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