Question 30x 19" Dell monitors


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Having upgraded our office I have these monitors that I have no idea what to do with.

Can't sell them as no one wants to buy them, companies want to charge me for disposal.

wondering if anyone had any idea if I could donate them to a school or somewhere. Seems a shame to bin them.


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Not a particularly serious suggestion but you could build a video wall. If they're 1280x1024 and arranged 6x5 they should produce a 2m x 2m display.


Even giving the monitors to a school is not going to be easy as any electrical equipment has to be safety tested. I am a school IT analyst looking after all their IT & AV equipment and we have to refuse any offers of secondhand equipment - unfortunately.

You could try sticking some of them on eBay and see what you get for them. If they are cheap enough I'm sure some people will grab them.



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You could always donate them to a local charity or IT classes run by volunteers (Just a thought)


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Good idea, a number of charities have someone to do the PAT testing (that's the electrical safety test).

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