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30PF9975 component help reuired please

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by gazsmith, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. gazsmith


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    Hardware-Philips 30PF9975 LCD TV and Panasonic SC-HT900 DVD home theatre system

    The DVD system is a progressive one so after researching a little I bought a Profigold component cable because I knew the 30PF9975 has a component input. Sounds straight forward until I tried to get a picture via component input (EXT5-Y Pr Pb) All I get is a message on the screen saying PICTURE FORMAT NOT AVAILABLE.eh?
    I've been playing with the menus trying in vain to improve the situ but to no avail. I have resorted to using an Ixos Scart to Scart from the AV connector on the DVD to the screens EXT2 which seems fine but now I have a redundant expensive component cable.
    The DVD player send perfectly good images via composite input and by scart but I am lost as to why the component connection is not working.
    Any help would be very gratefully appreciated before I have to start moaning at the suppliers.

    The yellows on sky OSD appear to be shimmering (Scart to scart connected)
    I can't find any settings to improve this


    I love the TV but would like to put these niggles to rest before showing it off to anyone.
    #Regards and cheers for any help# :suicide:

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