30d is on its way... lenses?


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Thanks to Currys' weekend offer, i bought myself a 30D which is in the post :thumbsup:

First on my list is the Canon 10-22. What i do need is a good walkabout lens.

As ill only be buying one other lens to compliment this for now, i'd like it to have something over 100mm+ if possible.. IF.

The Tamron 28-75 f2.8 is very tempting if its anything like the 17-50 i had on my D80 ... but its a tad short. The other options being the Canon 28-135 IS, which has very good reviews, and the Tamron 24-135, but lacks the IS of the Canon lens.

Anyone have either of these on a 30D? What would you recommend?



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The Canon 28-135 is not that wide on a crop sensor (as I expect you already know) but coupled with a 10-22 I'd say you would have a very nice focal range covered.

I think it would be my choice over either of the Tamrons due to the extra length and IS.


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Do you need it to be particurarly fast (constant F2.8 bacically)?

If not the Canon 24-105 F4L IS might be a good choice. It's range would be pretty sweet when coupled with the Canon 10-22.


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Need to know budget really else we're all just guessing. 28-135 is cracking for the money but is really aimed at the FF but budget market, is there one now a days?!? I think it's a bit underrated although good or maybe it's just no longer needed since the EF-S 17-85 IS is better and the equivalent crop camera lens. 24-105 is just great, L quality with a good range. If you can stretch to the 24-105 it would be a lens of choice, half way between the two mentioned above so good with both crop and FF and one to keep for many years for a general outside walkabout or even a lower light lens if you don't mind turning up the ISO.


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First on my list is the Canon 10-22.
Just sold mine on POTN, If I'd have read this earlier you could have got a brand new lens for a very good price :rolleyes: If you do want a 10-22 one stop digital are the cheapest or if you want to buy in the UK contact Ian Kerr (Kerso on ebay)

It all depends on your budget but the Canon 24-105L seems to be a very good lens. From what I've read the CANON EF 28-105mm 28-105 II USM is better than the Canon 28-135 IS that you mentioned, quite cheap as well.


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Agree that 28-135 is not wide enough unless you have another lens to cover the wide end. However, the reach to 135 is very useful and if I have to travel light, it's the only lens I take. IS is useful. On paper, the older version of IS on this lens does not give you as many extra stops as the IS on newer lenses (eg the 17-85). However, this may not translate in practice. A recent review of the 70-200 f/4 IS, which is supposed to offer 4 extra stops, compared to older IS lenses which only give 2 or 3 extra stops, showed that in practice 4 extra stops was not achievable.

From my experience I have found the IS on the 28-135 to be worth having. I recently used it and was quite impressed with the image quality, especially when stopped down a bit. I surprised myself, especially since I have been spoilt by the superb sharpness of the 24-70L. Of course the build quality does not compare with the 24-70, but it is significantly better than the cheap feeling kit lens and 50 1.8.


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Thanks for the replies :)

I guess budget is the biggest 'issue' really. I'd be looking to spend £250, maybe £300 on top of the 10-22mm to find a mid-range zoom.

The 24-105L is something i looked long and hard at yesterday, but its an awful lot to spend right now on top of the new body etc. Cant say i wouldnt look at it in a few months tho!

So, i've done a lot of reading on the net, many forums, review sites etc, and have decided that for now, at least, the 28-135IS will suit me most as a walkabout lens. And cos i can pick one up for a little over £200 on eBay, i could probably get a 50mm 1.8 too.

Oooo its all exciting :D lol


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I'd not buy the 10-22 & buy the Sigma 10-20 - I love mine that will save you some pennies to spend on other things. My workhorse is the 17-85 IS which is great I must admit to being a bit of a sceptic of any lens with a huge zoon range so I go 10-20 17-85 & 70-200 (F:/4 L) (I really should use this lens more but I tend towards the wideangle)

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