305m roll of Cat6 Cable


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"Wire Material: CCA - Copper Clad Aluminum (runs up to 150ft)"

So they're selling a 1000ft cable made out of wire that they say is suitable for runs up to 150ft?

Does not compute

Better off with 100% copper anyway


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It's cheap because of
Wire Material: CCA - Copper Clad Aluminum (runs up to 150ft)
which has a dubious reputation compared to just copper cores.

Also, no such thing as Cat6E. It's either Cat5E, 6 or 6A.

For Ethernet:

Cat5E = 10/100/1000 to 100m
Cat6 = 10/100/1000 to 100m and 10Gb to 35m
Cat6a = 10/100/1000/10Gb to 100m


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Maybe: From the linked ad, this...

305M Meter Gigabit Network Ethernet PC FTP Solid Copper Foilded Cat6e RJ45 Cable

...is packed with all sorts of nonsense. There's no such thing as "Gigabit ethernet" cable or "RJ45" cable and I'm not aware of there being a "cat6e" standard (yet.)

Of course it could just be that the seller doesn't understand what they are selling, or is trying to hook in as many Google searches as possible by including every buzzword imaginable. But I think I'd like to see a photo of the actual manufacturers label from the box before parting with my cash.


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I didn't pick up that it was CCA.
I didn't think the "cat" standards permitted CCA to carry a "cat" certification...?


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Heres a site , guaranteed good quality cable , same length , [-]for the same price [/-], actually scratch that , site prices are ex vat , so comes to about 87

Black Box - EYN870A, GigaTrue® 550 CAT6, 550-MHz Bulk Cable

Still , I trust these guys , dodgy cable can be made of non spec flammable material , and you dont really want that stuff running all over your house.
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I also get all my cable reels from Blackbox

Would recommend to all!


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Avoid copperclad. I just had to instruct an electrician to re-wire a whole retail store(3000mtrs of cable) because he went cheap and none of it would pass CAT5e standards. The box stated up to 80mtrs before installation. So every time the cable got kinked\bent (which happens a lot on installation) it lost up to 5mtrs. So when a 50m run was tested it would come out at 75m due to the poor conductivity of the cable. Skew was horrendous as well.

I think he wanted to cry.

Decent wholesalers now weigh the boxes to check as copper is heavier than steel or aluminium.
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