3005 or 5005 ?


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I am thinking of upgrading my 1005's to either the 3005 or the 5005. Since they are both priced around the same if you had the choice which set would you go for? I'm just curious.

Also I have a denon 1906, do you think it will be beefy enough to cope which such speakers or would I need to invest in a newer model?



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A freind runs an AV shop who sell KEF. He reckons the 3005 blow the 5005 out of the water.

Why do you think the 5005 are now so much cheaper?


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not that much cheaper but around about the same price. just thought with it being a higher model number it must mean it's still better


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I have read on some french AV forum that the 3005 is better than the 5005... maybe its true since many peoples say it... :)


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Just to make things even more confusing, there's a new 5005.2 set coming out soon. I think it comes with the same sub as the 3005's and costs £1299.

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