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Aug 31, 2003
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hi all

looking to purchase a new PJ, and i realy want a sim2, looking at the new domino30 so far with HDMI but i like the speck of the 300xtra, question is, will this available with a HDMI input or are there plans to add it like has happened with the domino range?

If it will be availble with HDMI, at what price?

Also does anyone know how many segments the colour wheel has, 6 or 7?

300 Xtras are now shipping with HDMI. No change in price.

In fact all Sim2 projectors now shipping with HDMI.

Only Domino 20 has the option of with or without HDMI.

Colour wheel remains the same at 6 segment 5 speed.


Originally posted by RTFM
300 Xtras are now shipping with HDMI. No change in price.
IOW, still horribly expensive. :D

After an AE300, Z2 and now Z200E I know my dream projector .. a D30, but the price makes it un-reachable for the forseeable future. :(
Thanks jeff, price wise then its the same as an S3.

now that it has HDMI, does it still have a dvi input as well or has that been removed.

Also do you know the amount of ansi lumens it has(think the s3 is 700)

whish i could demo this against an S3, but a chance of a company having both in demo form is gonna be one in a million.

I would prfer HDMI over DVI, or is this realy not a big deal?

The 300 Xtra will retain the DVI input and the brightness is still the same at approx 800 ansi.
HDMI and DVI are both high quality digital signals.
Bear in mind that only the HDMI input is HDCP so using your Denon A11 with a 300 Xtra ( or say a Domino 30H ) you would use a DVI to HDMI cable


Thats good as i would prefer a brighter PQ,

so is the 300 xtra realy any good, or is it wort the extra over the domino30.
are the blacks better with the 300 xtra? i realize its the HD2+ chipset but in real terms what does that mean for the onscreen pic.

i think im going to have trouble with the throw of the marantz.
as for the 70ins wide PQ i want would place the S3 in front of me

i need the PJ to be at least 13-14 feet away from screen, from what ive worked out the 300 xtra will do this just fine with a little zoom.

Jeff how quiet is the sim 300 xtra(by your ear that is not figures.)

Ive heared the domino 20-30 and they seemed very quiet is the 300 extra comparable.?

Can the 300 xtra recieve 480i/576i over HDMI so you can still use the onboared froudja chipset?

Thanks for your time.

realy want to nail it this time.

The 300 Xtra IMHO is a very good unit.
I use a 300 Link (until I get the 500 Link 3 Chipper in a few weeks) for my own use and am very pleased with the PQ. The same applies to the 300 Xtra as the light engine, optics etc are identical to the Link.
The HD2+ chip does improve PQ with higher contrast and better black level over the 30H.
Whether the improvement in PQ of the Xtra over the Domino 30H is worth the extra, only you can decide.
A 14 feet throw would give you a 70" wide picture on the long end of the zoom on the Xtra.
Noise wise, the Xtra (and indeed the other Sim2 models) are much quieter than the original 200/300 series. This is mainly due to the redesigned smaller colour wheel and improved cooling system. In my dem room the Sims sit on shelves on the back wall not far from where you sit. I don't find the projector noise at all intrusive when watching films at low to medium level soundtrack settings.
From experience the 30, Xtra and Link were not happy receiving 480i using HDMI from a Pioneer 868. There would be no point in using this HDMI output setting.
The Faroudja is out of the loop with HDMI anyway.
The best image is obtained from HDMI using 1280x720p from the 868 with the 30H, Xtra and Link.



I don't think you will need to see the Xtra/S3 side-by-side to make your mind up, go and have two independent demo's.
My OLD PJ was an optoma H56 and it throw was 2.0-2.4 is that a longer throw than a 300 xtra. and at 13 feet i got a 70ins pic with no zoom.

would the zoom on the 300xtra realy be at full whack.?

according to PJcentrel the 300link at 13ft would give a min width of63ins and a max of 87ins(depending on zoom)

does that sound right?

the figure I gave before was for 14 feet throw min screen width which was 70". Max would be 93.33"

at 13 feet:

156/1.8 = 86.66 max inches screen width

156/2.4 = 65 min inches screen width

So you will have no trouble filling a 70" screen at 13 or 14 feet.


thats perfect then. found out the S3 can go max 10ft before i get problems, so dont think its suitable.

Domino20 just isnt an option as the throw is way to long, and i want a proper720p PJ

so its between the domino30 and the 300 xtra HDMI models.

Thanks jeff for all your help.
last one then and this has to do with posterization.(or combing or gradution, you know what i mean)

this seems to me to be the plague of DLP. nether mind rainbows this is much worse. I have seen it in most DLPs some worse than others. I need a no BS assesment. Does the 300 xtra have a problem here. i dont mind if it minimal but if i can expect to see it with most dvds i play i wont be happy.

so what can i expect. i will demo but a heads up will be good.

i have a few disc that will always show this.

T3 is one where the skulls are in the water and the camera pans up to the hunter thats hovering, normaly with DLP posterization is all over the place is these scenes.

(Mind you i can get my computer CRT to do it as well to an extent, but not quite as bad)
Originally posted by gandley
last one then and this has to do with posterization.(or combing or gradution, you know what i mean)

The 300 Xtra handles transitions from light to dark very well with very little contouring, banding, posterization, call it what you will.

Sometimes this can be on the original material.

No issues with combing either. Again this can be on the original source material using low bit rate ( like a lot of extras material on DVD ).

On HDMI you can get combing if the DVD player's settings are not correctly set for video or film material.
yeah that makes sense, i realize some of the stuff is encoded on the dvd, and then the 8bit limitation sort of ehances the effect.

but im talking more PWM posterization (pulse-width-modulation)
which is isolated to DLP 1 and 3 chippers.

good example is when camera quick pans on a close up on a persons face and it looks like its made of clay rather than flesh.
take the same scene play it on my plasma screen and its not there, nor on my PC monitor.

just wonderd if the 300 xtra dosent do it too bad.

Can't say I have seen the effect you are describing on the 300Xtra or my Link or even the 3 Chip unit that Alan showed me at Sim2's offices recently.
thanks for your patience jeff but what about temporal differing?

does the xrta cope well with this?
In my experience, temporal dithering is not an issue with the Xtra or any of the other Sim2 projectors.
It only becomes visible occaisionally but you have to be virtually touching the screen to see it.
You won't see any at typical viewing distances of say 1.5x to 2x screen width.
As Alan said on another thread here, Sim2 made the decision to incorporate HDMI on all their models and this has had a more profound effect in increasing picture quality than a 7 segment colour wheel would have.
jeff on the domino30H

can you pass a non HDCP signal through the hdmi input.

PC,DVI> DVI/HDMI adapter> pjs HDMI input
Originally posted by gandley
jeff on the domino30H

can you pass a non HDCP signal through the hdmi input.

PC,DVI> DVI/HDMI adapter> pjs HDMI input

Yes you can, for example the Avia test disc is not HDCP and it plays fine.

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