300-400£ speakers package


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i am buying speakers package for pionner VSX 912-s , home cinema surround system prefer to 6.1.
my room is about 4m by 3m .
my budget is about 400£ maximum.

can anyone think of good package.

output 6x100 w.

thanks in advance,



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To follow up on Ian J's suggestion, you could get an extra pair (I know, it leaves you 1 speaker with no use, but you can in the future increase to 7.1 by upgrading the amp) of Premiere 302's for only £100 at Richersounds - here

Your total expense for a 7.1 Premiere Plus is = £410, plus the cost of cables. I'd say it is a very good price indeed.



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thank you for your guru advice,

i definite look into mordaunt premier short plus.also AE evo package is tempting color no match unless i have to paint myself.

sorry to naive to ask the question.regarding to speakers to match the amp, if amp output is 6x 100 w , that mean i have to buy 100 watt speakers or can i buy big speaker such as floor standing 175 w etc , will the amp handle the big watt speakers.
At the movement i am using my toshiba package of 5 small satellite speaker 70 watt( program) and 8 ohn impedence with passive subwof.

the sound generally improved compare to toshiba built in sd 42 hk.

how much watt,sensitivity, can pionner vsx 912-s handle.

thank you again


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The 912 should be able to drive most speakers you could throw at it. Have a look at pioneers website for more speks or see if you can arrange a demo at your local hifi shop.

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