30-inch OLED TV from Toshiba in 2009


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http://www.engadget.com/2007/04/13/30-inch-oled-tv-from-toshiba-in-2009/ said:
Toshiba has announced plans to ship an organic electroluminescence (EL) display in 2009. The target size will be 30 inches, which beats most manufacturers' prototypes currently under development, like Sony's 27-inch OLED plans. Toshiba had previously planned 2015 as the launch window for OEL (more commonly known as OLED) sets, a launch timeframe which put them in that magical future land along with SED and FED displays. While Toshiba doesn't expect to compete directly against the behemoth of LCD at first, they believe the technology's superiority -- which includes lower manufacturing costs, and better viewing angles and contrast -- will be recognized as volume goes up. Your electroluminescent game of fl0w may never look better.

http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp/english/NEWS_EN/20070413/130804/ said:
Toshiba Corp. has revealed that it will release an organic EL (electroluminescence) TV product in 2009. Toshiba PR department commented on the screen size, "We have 30-inch class in consideration." Toshiba's President and CEO Atsutoshi Nishida announced this at a management policy meeting held on April 12. At this meeting, Nishida said, "We are certain now that we will be able to launch our first product in 2009," regarding the commercialization of the organic EL TV, which the company had projected in "2015 to 2016" before. As for the screen size, he said, "We plan larger size than those Toshiba Matsush*ta Display Technology Co., Ltd. (TMD) have developed." Toshiba places a 30-inch class model in view, which is larger than the 21-inch prototype organic EL display that TMD announced on April 9 (related story from Tech-On!). "To prepare both the high-end and commodity models, we are currently developing panels made from polymer (organic EL) materials as well as low molecular weight materials," said Nishida.

Toshiba expects TMD to manufacture the panels that will be applied for its organic EL TV, according to the company's PR department. Toshiba, however, is yet to specify neither when the construction and operation of its organic EL panel plant will start nor the value of total investment at present. Commenting on the organic EL's competitiveness in the TV market, Nishida stated, "We don't expect that the organic EL can compete from the beginning on the equal footing with the LCD TV, which is released from many manufacturers across the world, but we believe its superiority will be recognized as production volume rises."

2009?! Thats GREAT :smashin:

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