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Discussion in 'DIY Speaker & Subwoofer Building' started by Petar Lagator, Aug 25, 2017.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am doing a rehaul of my audio system. I have purchased a Rotel RA-10 PA, made some excellent DIY interconnect and Speaker cables, and with a good friend sweated for 20 days and made two gorgeous cabinets, pictures attached :)

    We hooked it all up and .... no base is to be heard, about a -15db drop and the left speaker sounds very wierd. All tests point to the single thing we didnt touch - the crossovers.

    My drivers are a 15" Electrovoice EVM-15L, a 8" Eminence Alpha 8MRA, and a JBL ST304 Super tweeter, driver names as links to their specs. Their SPL response curves are summed up in this picture.

    I have no experience building crossovers, just what i read and learned from different DIY sites.
    My initial plan was to build 2nd tier LR crossovers for 1200Hz and 5000Hz frequencies, just like the old crossovers where designed just make them with better components. Also i plan on killing a bit of the mid ranges SPL and a lot of the tweeters SPL with L pads. I expect bass efficiency to be ~98db (92 speaker + ~2 box + ~4 corner), so i would cut down a spike on the mid to keep it to 98 average, and do a 8-10 L pad on the tweet to cut that efficient mfcuker down to 98.

    This is pretty much the plan, but i dont have expirience and have no idea how to exactly set crossover points for the speakers, and the materials alone will cost me about ~150USD so i wouldnt like to screw it up ...

    I would aprechiate some input if someone here is knowlegable about these kinds of things.

    Thanks in forward !


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