3 TV short list LG47LW650T, Panny 42GT30 or Sammy 46D6750


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Hi all, my first post in a year (since getting surround soung headphones for gaming) and my first TV post in 4 years... I've always had good advice and appreciate any help I can get on the following.

We have just moved house and are looking at moving our existing 37" Philips PFL9632 LCD to the bedroom to be mounted on the wall.

Thus we are in the market for a new family TV to wall mount (probably) in the lounge.

LG47LW650T, Panny 42GT30 or Sammy 46D6750 are my top three with the sony hx723 and a Sharp LC-46LE831E as outsiders at this stage.

The tv will need to be v.good for normal TV pic quality - we have sky HD and will also use freeview HD. motion control for sports, gaming and 3D.

The LG was my early favourite both from price point and the 7 pairs of glasses but I'm a little confused over it's gaming abilities, some posts and reviews on the web indicate it suffers from rather high gaming lag? As an avid xbox 360 gamer that would be a deal breaker.

The Panny looks lovely, but costs more, is active 3D which I understand is harder to watch and more expensive for the glasses which are also more difficult for little uns to wear.

Samsung I know have a much better reputation than 4 years ago and are really showing some cutting edge design and pic quality but I'm a little unaware of the performance of the sets and any issues especially with this model in particular which I'm struggling to find reviews or good threads for.

So, while I know the choice is mine and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I would really appreciate some advice from those that own any of these sets (inclulding the sony or sharp) that may be able to give some plus/negatives around the points mentioned above...

Many thanks all:)


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PS I must add that our 4yr old Philips has always given excellent picture quality and another question would be have TV's advanced that much in overal pic handling abilities compared to LCD's from 4years ago ?


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Hi, i have the older UE46C6450 and love it, easy to set up and use, great pic quality ( i don't game on it, so cant comment on that aspect), built in internet tv works well, and sound quality is better than average for slim led tv. I've had the tv for nearly a year without any problems (touch wood).
I also like LG tv's but i feel the Sammy has the edge for me.
Panasonic and Sony are too pricey for little or no benefit in my humble opinion, Sharp don't seem to be able to get the picture clarity/colour vibrancy of the other sets and are pretty rare for me to install for customers.
Personally i would go for the Samsung........
Good luck, and i'm sure you will be happy with any of the sets on your list barring the Sharp.


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Just bought the LG47LW650T yesterday...nice tv but i cant live with the input lag whilst gaming...can anyone suggest an alternative as a replacement if currys will take it back


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46ST30 plasma, less lag than the 42GT30 apparently, and probably the best VFM :)


Good luck with Currys :rolleyes:


or for £50 more the 50" http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/panasonic-viera-tx-p50st30b-50-full-hd-plasma-3d-tv-10164621-pdt.html ...RS have this for £600, so try out Currys alleged price matching ;)

Except they don't match RS http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/Price-Promise-1023-theme.html

But they do match JL http://www.johnlewis.com/231233765/Product.aspx (except presumably without the 5 year warranty :rolleyes: )
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