3 to choose from but which one?


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I was sorting some old videos and found an episode of Das Boot on it that I'd taped off of BBC2 a while ago and it made me wnt to get the full lot, but the question is which version do I go for?

The Directors Cut
The Superbit Edition
The Mini Series

Region is of no consequence, I just want the most complete and best version.



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The most complete version would be the mini-series as it is over 5 hours long where as the Directors Cut is only roughly 3 and half hours long.


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they are two different things the mini seris and the film as the mini seris is much longer than the film.

being a fan myself i would go for the mini seris R1 or R2 as they are both the same. the mini series is the most complete experiense being 280 mins long where as the film is 200 mins long


I've never seen Das Boot but I went for the Superbit purely for the DTS soundtrack which is supposedly a cut above the Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack.

If you're into commentaries then maybe the ordinary directors' cut would be more to your taste. If you want the complete experience then go for the mini-series which has had scenes digitally remastered back into it.

I suppose it comes down to personal choice would you prefer the best sound, commentary track, or the complete experience.

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