3 out 4 Sony head units I bought had the same fault. am I alone?


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In my previous car I had a Sony MD unit, and the right channel would intermittently drop out. It was a strange fault, since if I cranked up the volume really loud the channel would come back to life... for a few minutes! Knowing I was going to change the car soon I didn't bother checking out if the fault was the head unit or the speakers.

However, when I replaced my car I had a Sony CD unit installed and it did exactly the same thing about 2 months after installing it.

I just put it down to coincidence and thought it must be a loose connection to the speaker in both cars.

However, I had some spare time this weekend so I checked everything out (the unit was now over 12 months old) and the wiring was perfect.

Anyway, attracted by the new Sony units front Auxilliary input I thought I'd try replacing this unit with a CDX-GT200.
And would you beleive it, it did the same thing... cutting in and out on the right channel! Again it would come back to life if I cranked up the volume, but would drop out again a few minutes later.

By now, I was really beginning to think this was my dodgy wiring or a wiring fault in the car.
However, not wanting to be defeated, Argos let me take the unit back and swap it for a CDX-GT300.

The CDX-GT300 works pefectly and I'm now happy. But goodness me,
3 out of 4 Sony head units demonstrating the same fault is not good at all.

I'm absolutely convinced it isn't a wiring fault (after all this happened in 2 different cars!), so I wondered if anyone else has encountered a similar problem with their Sony head unit.

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