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3 LCD's out of line after dust cleaning


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Hi all I have just cleaned 2 projectors a sanyo plc se10 and a toshiba tlp s10d
I had to seperate the lcds from the prism to get behind to clean the dust, which was pretty bad on these two.
The lcd's have 4 countersunk screws on both projectors and each has 3 lcds RGB ect...

After I put these back and screwed them in when switched on the image on the wall has this problem where the 3 images are seperate by about 10 cm red image to the left and blue to the right.

These where all in perfect sync before I cleaned so can anyone help me with what I need to do to get them back in line. ?

am I right in saying it is the lcds that need to be adjusted and not a lens that I might have moved ?

I cant see where any adjustment could be made as I would presume that the countersunk screws would line the lcd up to perfect position.

Any advise would be greatly recieved.


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I have a dlp pj but pretty sure panels in a LCD need to be set very accurately via manufacturing equipment you cannot just pull them out willy nilly and expect them to be lined up when you put them back :suicide: not sure how you go about this without proper equipment to aid you.


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What you have is a Convergance problem, this can be found on alot of 3 LCD projectors.

This is either down to the Prisim being out of place or the LCDs.

Try moving the projector very close then further away from your screen, if the colors stay the same positions its the LCD, if they move closer or swap over then its the Prisim.

If its the Prisim, try to reseat the cube.

If its the LCDs you will have to adjust each lcd panel your self, a little at a time, try using a digital Verneer.

Dont run the projector while adjusting it, apart from the 240v AC that can kill you, if you touch the ballast the 20,000v that produces surely will.

Good luck...


Standard Member
thanks for the repsonse
I have done as you said and Im now sure that its the LCD's
I removed them and cleaned them and then put them back.
All 3 had 4 countersunk screws 1 in each corner, but they are hard to line up as they only need to move afraction and your image is out of sync.
I will keep trying to line them up but its hard to do if you have no idea to you power it up again.
Will just clean with compressed air next time !!!!

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