3 from last night


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Went out for a wander with the 50mm f1.8 on the D50 and nothing else, was looking for tulips but in the end took a few other things instead


An intersting spike on the gate to the cemetary


A nice dandielion seed head


Some yellow daisy's (I think)

Now three tulip shots that I have decided to show




And now for something interesting - spotted in town last night


Finally something a bit different, taken on the way home from work, bit of cropping and p/p


Liked the lines.



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Love the last one Bill. Would be even better IMHO if the foreground was in focus to lead you in, alternatively you could crop out that out of focus area and get away with it very successfully. :thumbsup:


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like the framing, which program did you use:thumbsup:
...quite like the pictures as well...
They are more than 3 though:cool: ( I know ..you meant the tulips :D)
The OOF Tulip in the foreground in the second tulip shot is a bit distracting IMO: What do you reckon?


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I was taking some of these the other day (when I took the pegs photo) and struggled to get the DoF right. In the end I was at f/5.6 to get all of the seed heads in focus but then the background wasn't OOF enough for what I wanted. I couldn't move the dandelion as there was only one in our garden :laugh:

This could have been improved with a deeper DoF to keep the entire head in focus and sharp in my opinion.

Like the last one too :smashin:


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Love all of these. Really strong. I actually prefer the first furrows one. Maybe it's because the lines are longer rather than because the foreground is blurred, but either way I prefer it.
Favourites 4th and last.


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Not bad biscuit. First one's the favourite for me, nice and sharp, good bokeh, I like the spiderswebs. Good, muted colours. I can see this on my wall somewhere. It's tilted the tiniest bit from left to right, can you sort that out for me? :p

I'd have given the dandylion another stop of exposure - at the moment it's grey instead of white and doesn't stand out well against the dark background.

The 2nd tulip shot is my favourite but I'm not really taken by any of them if I'm honest - nice colours, nice bokeh but none of them grab me.

The furrows are really good - very simple and well executed. What's the sky doing? Was it really like that? Effective either way.

Good shooting :)

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