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Hi, I am posting on behalf of my brother who is attempting to get Virgin phone & BB installed. He originally contacted them 4 weeks ago and they said they would send a team round to hook it up. It is worth noting that the house was previously on NTL. He got the welcome pack and a letter stating his install would take place on 7th August. His wife booked the day off work as they said somebody over the age of 18 must be in the house. The guy turned up and said that he could not install it today as its a 2 man job! This is a standard sized house and the NTL box is at the bottom of his drive and the cabling is still present from the old NTL install.

Anyway the Job was rescheduled and another letter sent out confirming the date of the install for the two man job. My brother called Virgin to confirm that they knew it was a two man job etc... They confirmed they where aware of this and confirmed the date on the second letter. His wife once again booked the time of work and this time Virgin failed to show. His wife contacted Virgin only to be told that the job was not booked for today but exactly a week later, his wife argued that she had a letter from Virgin stating the date and expected time of installation but as most of you know its to no avail on the helpline.

Reluctantly they agreed to have it installed last Friday and once again confirmed the two man job, time, date and details and they also received another letter in the post confirming the date. His wife booked a 3rd day of work and once again they didnt show up!! My brother contacted the customer service team and they said once again it was booked for a different date. My brother asked to speak to the supervisor/manager and they wouldnt connect him.

Can anybody provide a telephone number and advice on what to do about claiming compensation for 3 days off work etc... I will not lie and say she earns £1000,s per week but they are £200 out of pocket over this already. I know Virgin have poor customer service but surely they can actually install the products they offer. I can obtain and scan all three letters in if required.

Anyhelp appreciated.
takes the p=ss..before you call them see if you have cable access points in your house..

if you do just plug it into the back of your tv and see if you get analouge channels 1 to 5..

if not then go to the front of the house...open the brown box and see if there is a splitter intact..if not..get hold of one for 99p

anyway if you got a picture just book a engineer and next time they do come dont let them go because its a plug and play install..

if you dont get a picture then they need to wire up the front end of the house to the green cabs outside and that is a two man job..

v-rgin wont give you any discount as your not a current customer..bad cs as you know


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There is cable access points in the house but when you plug the phone into the socket there is no dial tone. They do not have a BB modem so they cant check that. Surely Virgin must do sowething as they have failed to honour the the end of the contract?

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