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3.80 M33 CFW almost done


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OK found this interesting snippet on QJ.net

“More good news about the highly-anticipated Sony PlayStation Portable 3.80 M33 custom firmware, and this bit comes directly from none other than Mathieulh himself. It seems that as of this writing, the unreleased custom firmware is already in proper working order and boots perfectly. It runs all existing homebrew program in User Mode as well. This in itself should already be great news, as we're pretty much guaranteed a safe, non-bricking and still awesome CFW to play with. Why, then, isn't it released yet?

Mathieulh reports that there are still something that Dark AleX needs to iron out before declaring 3.80 M33 a finished product - namely, the NIDs Resolver that allows the launch of homebrew programs in Kernel mode. It will also help in making sure that all the plug-ins present will be usable without any extensive modifications. It's safe to say that while this doesn't sound like much, it's still a very important (and very time-exhaustive) thing to work on, so we'll just have to be patient until DAX ties up all the loose ends.”

Hold on not long now :clap:


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bit more info

"UPDATE: Those hoping to pick up the 3.80 M33 custom firmware may have to wait a few more days. It's come to our attention that Mathieulh has given a small update on the work for the CFW. According to him, work is currently being finished on the NIDs Resolver, and we may very well see a release within the next week or so. "


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Sounds promising! Looking forward to getting remote play back working.:)


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You sound like the person to talk to when I'm ready to do mine then.


Generally runs along the lines of

Get firmware 1.50
Get firmware 3.xx
Get CFW 3.xx M33

Stick them in specified folders.
Press a button.

Unleash joy upon the world.

In the past you'd have to faff with a few programs doing some bits and pieces, but he's obviously got more and more sophisticated as time has gone on.


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Thanks for that,

I've got a slim, so I've *heard* I might not :confused: need the 1.50, and I've also got a Datel battery on order, with a 2gb duo standing by.

I must admit to being more than a little apprehensive about this, but I think I'll have a bash. :rolleyes:

Thanks again (sorry for stealing the thread) :nono:



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here's something i posted earlier about the update to CFW3.71m33

A prerequisite for the 3.71m33 upgrade is to have your PSP on 3.52m33-4 so you’ll need to download these to get you to that stage

http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/1210 - 3.52m33
http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/1231 - 3.52m33 - 3.52m33 update 4

As you’re on 1.5 things should be quite simple just follow the instruction included in the files.

Here’s an extract

PSP 3.52 M33 Installation

1 - If you are under official 1.50 PSP firmware, copy kxploitpatcher and kxploitpatcher% folders from "1.50only/" of this download to your "ms0:/PSP/GAME/" and run it.
2 - Once done it, or if you are under any Special/Open Edition/M33, copy M33CREATOR folder to your "ms0:/PSP/GAME"
3 - Download official 3.52 eboot, rename it to 352.PBP and place it on "ms0:/PSP/GAME/M33CREATOR/"
4 - Download official 1.50 eboot, rename it to 150.PBP and place it on "ms0:/PSP/GAME/M33CREATOR/"
5 - Go to Games/Memory Stick on your PSP, and execute "3.52 M33 CREATOR". Once finished, it will go back to the XMB.
6 - Go again to Games/Memory Stick on your PSP, and execute "3.52 M33UPDATE". You'll have to press X to agree to the installation.
7 - When finished, press X to shut down and reboot manually.
8 - Enjoy your 3.52 M33

Unfortunately The Slim doesn’t support a 1.5 kernel so the only way to get a slim on CFW is with a Pandora kit check this thread http://www.avforums.com/forums/showpost.php?p=6081851&postcount=6


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I'm pretty sure you don't need v4 to update to 3.71-m33.


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I'm pretty sure you don't need v4 to update to 3.71-m33.

Your right you can do it from mm33-3

Here's the instructions from the 3.71 readme includng the requirements

"Requeriments: a fat psp slim with 3.52 M33-3 or 3.52 M33-4. Previous versions of M33 won't work,
due to a bug that affects them and OE; or a psp slim with 3.60 M33.

- Copy the UPDATE directory into /PSP/GAME/UPDATE and copy the EBOOT.PBP of the 3.71 Sony updater
there but with name "371.PBP". Note: the program will not even show if you copy it to a different folder than that.

- If you are in the fat psp, make sure you have configured the psp to run the game folder in the 3.XX kernel.

- Execute the program, it requires 78% of battery. If you have idstorage corrupted due to a downgrader, the program
will ask you to correct it automatically so the update can continue.

- Press X, and the Sony updater will begin. Sit and enjoy while Sony code installs 3.71 M33 :)

- When finished, the updater will ask you to reboot (pressing X or O). DO IT. Do not skip this step
shutting down the psp by yourself, or you'll end with a brick.

- You should be now in 3.71 M33"


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That was posted last night so I think it will be out today.


Fingers crossed, I like the idea of updating over WiFi as well. Should be a lot simpler! :)


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Reports are coming in that the release of Custom Firmware 3.80 M33 is delayed. And might not be released today as originally planned. Apparently according to Mathieulh Dark_AleX and Team M33 are making some last minute adjustments to 3.80 M33 before putting it online to the world. You might have also noticed that Dark_AleX’s website was offline for some time due today due to increased traffic or updating of the site ready for the new custom firmware.

This delay is reported to be anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Billy Hunt

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This delay is reported to be anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
I was really looking forward to this


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I don't wish to hi-jack this thread but would anybody be willing to please give me an idiots guide to this custom firmware (best by PM so it doesn't ruin the thread). I have a 1.5fw launch day PSP and had been using it to play some of my games from the memory stick.

I had a problem where I had to format my memory stick because of some corrupt files taking all the flash space and I now have a blank canvas so to speak, I did back everything up before I formatted the memory stick so I've not lost anything and I could put everything back but I think I am missing something with this firmware.

I run my games from memory stick to avoid loading times TOCA 2 and Pro EVO 5 (yes I know its old) are real criminals for this and additionally to run pro evo at 333mhz to avoid the slow down at corners and the like, is this still possible under this new firmware?

If anyone is willing to help I'd be most grateful as I am seriously out of touch with PSP custom firmware and all the acronyms and version numbers are a bit confusing.

The other problem that I've had is that because I've been running the original 1.5fw I haven't been able to buy any new games as most don't work and my collection is a bit tired now.

Thanks in advance

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