3.5mm to optical audio cable advice please


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I have a 3.5mm jack output on my laptop which appears to double as both a stereo headphones and a digital optical output.

I therefore think I need a 3.5mm to toslink (optical) cable to go to my amp. Can anyone confirm this is correct (is it common to have a 3.5mm optical output?).

If so can anyone reccomend a cable for me, Ive read that as the signal is digital quality doesnt matter, not sure id be happy plugging in a £2 cable to the system though..



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The cable doesn't matter so long as it's built ok. That doesn't need to cost any more than £2-5 for a short cable.

If you prefer, you could buy a regular optical cable, and use a TOSLink -> mini toslink adaptor. They cost around £1.


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A few I've bought over the years actually came with the 3.5 adapter included. Although I've never used one as I don't have kit that needs it. Shame I've no idea where they've gone as I would have posted one for the cost of a stamp.

I tend to try and avoid adapters, in this case I'd go for an adapter. At least you then have a normal optical cable for future use as other than laptops (and minidisc recorders if you remember them) not many things use the 3.5 optical connecter

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