3.5 stereo m/m with inline mute?


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I struggled with where to put this first post but decided on putting it here, if it's in the wrong place I apologize and please feel free to move it.

I have a pair of headphones built into my snowboard helmet. They don't have a built in wire to plug into your mp3 player (or whatever device) they just have a 3.5mm Female port on them.

The headphones came with a 3.5mm M/M wire with a built in volume control. This is useless to me because the control is so tiny, I'll never be able to adjust without taking my gloves off.

What I'd like to make (or buy) is a 3.5mm M/M cord with a big easily pushable button for muting. I will play all my music at the same volume but I would like to be able to mute my music when I get to the bottom of the hill so other people don't have to listen to my taste of music.

Has anyone bought one of these and if so where? (I can't find any)
Has anyone made one of these? Should be as simple as adding a DPST switch to a 3.5mm M/M cord where you pick a wire from each speaker as your two poles (hence breaking the connection on both circuits when thrown).

I haven't cut apart a 3.5mm cable yet so I'm not sure how big the wires will be inside and how hard it will be to solder them so I'd like to buy it if possible. But I'm very interested to hear from someone who has hacked apart 3.5 cables to add things themselves (whether it be mute buttons, variable resistors for volume control).

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