3:2 pulldown with 1 black frame (2:2)? Judder free?

Hello! (sorry for my bad english)

Let's say we have a 60hz monitor and play 24p content 3:2 pulldown. It's not judder free.
The pattern is 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 and so on.
What if we use a black frame insertion into every final 3rd frame.
Example: 1 1 bfi 2 2 3 3 bfi 4 4 5 5 bfi 6 6 7 7 bfi 8 8 9 9 bfi and so on.
We have 2:2 pulldown with bfi on every 2nd shot this way.

Isn't that judder free technic thats not invented yet or im just stupid af talking nonsenses?



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BFI implementations are ~1/5th of the frame time at 60hz. You're talking about 1/5th of the frames at 12hz. I'd suspect it'll have a noticeable flicker.

Why not try it and see? At 12 black frames per second it shouldn't be too much work to copy and paste them into a short demo video.

It'll also suffer the other downsides of BFI like reducing the brightness.

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